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Aug 31, 2007


* Union Hypocrisy On Immigraton As Teamsters Try To Block Legal Mexican Truckers At The Border

Washington,DC,USA, News/ -Aug 29 2007: -- A few things worth noting before you read the article: This isn’t the Bush administration’s plan. This is part of NAFTA, which was passed under the Clinton administration (though I don’t doubt that Bush supports it)... The Mexican trucks aren’t any more dangerous than American trucks given that they must pass American DOT standards in order to travel US roads... Keeping that in mind, bask in the glowing light of organized labor’s self-serving hypocrisy: There are a lot of things about NAFTA I don’t like, but this isn’t one of them... America's unions support amnesty for illegal immigrants and oppose any effort to stop more illegal immigrants from coming into this country... Unions also oppose America's NAFTA treaty with Mexico, which promised Mexican trucking companies access to our entire country, when they're hauling loads that originate in Mexico. This access was supposed to have been granted to Mexican truckers by 2000, but it¡s been delayed by protectionist union lackeys like North Dakota's Byron Dorgan who don't want those Mexicans competing with American truckers enrolled in the Teamsters Union... So my question for the union supporters is this: Why oppose allowing Mexican truckers into America legally, under the NAFTA treaty, in order to conduct legitimate commerce but support Mexican immigrants coming into this country illegally? Put another way, why do unions support foreigners who come here and thumb their noses at our law but oppose foreigners who come here at the express invitation of our laws?... I'd really like an answer to that one. Because it's clear, to me, that allowing Mexican truckers access to the American market is a good way to help enrich Mexico's economy and thin out the number of people fleeing poverty in that country by forcing their way into ours. In fact, I'd say it's immoral not to grant these Mexican truckers access to our economy. After all, competition among business and the unencumbered flow of commerce is good for all of us, Mexican and American alike...


BORDER NEWS * Latvia - Truck lines become permanent fixture in

It was exactly a year ago when the long lines of trucks started to appear on the Latvian-Russian border

Riga,Latvia -The Baltic Times -Aug 29, 2007: -- Remarkably, at the time most logistics experts and politicians said what everyone, particularly truckers and residents who live near the two border posts, didn’t want to hear: namely, that the lines weren’t going anywhere and would remain a way of life for some time to come. Latvian media now post daily updates on the number of trucks at the Terehova and Grebneva crossings, and in mid-August the total number surpassed 2,000, with 1,700 alone at Terehova. The line stretched all the way to Rezekne, and drivers were forced to wait five to six days before entering Russia... Given the heat and the lack of facilities to cope with the waste, eastern Latvia has turned into a foul-smelling trash dump... (Photo - HERE TO STAY: The thousand-long truck lines will be a fixture of the eastern Latvian landscape until Russia expedites the opening of a new border crossing and cargo operators find new routes to deliver the goods)


Double-size trucks on way * USA - Bigger, but fewer, coal haulers deemed safer option

Steamboat Springs,CO,USA -The Craig Daily Press (Craig,CO), by Brandon Gee -August 29, 2007: -- The Routt County Board of Commissioners unanimously approved, with conditions, a petition by Xcel Energy to increase the size of trucks hauling coal on Routt County Road 27, also known as Twentymile Road... The decision was made at a hearing Tuesday at which Xcel sought to extend its special-use permit to haul coal on the road between the Hayden Station power plant and Peabody Energy’s Twentymile Coal Mine and amend it to allow for overweight and overlength trucks... (Photo by Brian Ray - A coal truck returns to the mine after dropping off a load of coal at the Hayden Station Power Plant along Routt County Road 27, also known as Twentymile Road, near Hayden on Tuesday afternoon)


Driver’s Licenses * USA - Arizona to offer they with citizenship identifiers

Arizona has joined a growing list of states that plan to offer driver’s licenses with special declarations of U.S. citizenship

AZ,USA -Land Line Magazine -August 30, 2007: -- ... Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano and Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff recently announced an agreement to allow Arizona state driver’s license holders to apply for a “technologically enhanced driver’s license” that would allow U.S. citizens in the state to re-enter the U.S. at Arizona’s international border crossings... (Photo by jake.manes - Chrome front strip Kenworth )



* HOS ruling may push back final EOBR rule

Hilton Head,SC,USA -Today's Trucking (Canada) -27 Aug 2007: -- A U.S. rule on electronic on-board recorders is not yet imminent, admitted a transportation official with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration... Speaking to fleet execs and trucking suppliers Debbie Freund said FMCSA was still reviewing public comments submitted to the agency and said that a final decision on has not been made. The comment period closed in April... Urged on by a U.S. court, FMCSA announced in January a notice of proposed rulemaking (NPRM) for EOBRS -once commonly referred to as "black boxes" - for the purpose of monitoring HOS compliance... Carriers charged with two serious HOS review violations (with a rate of violation greater than 10%), in a two-year period, will have to fit their entire fleet with EOBRs... Only a tiny portion of fleets and owner-ops would be affected by the rule as it's currently proposed, Freund added... Dave Potts, director of safety and operations for American Trucking Associations, also said FMCSA needs to resolve issues pertaining to voluntary acceptance of EOBRs and work with legislators to provide meaningful incentives to encourage voluntary adoption... (Photoby Rohan Phillips : Light trails of trucks and cars driving down Port Wakefield Road at dusk. 30 second exposure)


TRUCKS SALES * SWEDEN - Major order for Volvo Trucks in Russia

Stockholm,Sweden -Europe Trucks News, by admin-28 Aug 2007: -- Volvo Trucks in Russia has signed a contract for 300 trucks with Russian logistics company Sunflower... The contract includes financing for all the trucks through Volvo Financial Services and exemplifies the rapid sales growth in Russia of the trucking business...



* Sweden - Wallenberg family blocking Scania-MAN trucking tie-up
Stockholm,Sweden -The Financial Times Deutschland/ The Local -28 August 2007: -- Swedish investor Peter Wallenberg, who holds a 30 percent stake in Swedish truck-maker Scania, has stalled talks to merge Scania with Germany's MAN and parts of Volkswagen, reported Tuesday... "A simple sale of Scania to a German company is not done that easily without damaging (Wallenberg's) reputation in Sweden," the report quoted an unidentified source familiar with the matter as saying.. The report said that the companies' stakes in each did not provide a simple solution for the merger, which would create Europe's biggest truck maker...

* Sweden - Volvo displays CO2-free trucks

The Volvo Group has produced seven demonstration trucks that can all be driven without emitting any environmentally harmful carbon dioxide

Stockholm,Sweden -Truck News (Canada), by Steven Macleod -30 Aug 2007: -- ... These trucks were exhibited for the first time in Stockholm on Aug. 29 and are equipped with diesel engines, which have been modified to operate on seven different types of renewable liquid and gaseous fuels... The seven Volvo FM trucks are equipped with Volvo’s own 9-litre engines that have been specially modified by the group’s engineers to illustrate the possibilities of carbon-dioxide-free transport. The seven trucks can be operated on the same number of different renewable fuels and/or combinations of fuels: biodiesel, biogas combined with biodiesel, ethanol/methanol, DME, synthetic diesel and hydrogen gas combined with biogas. Since all of these fuels are produced from renewable raw materials, they provide no carbon-dioxide contributions to the ecosystem when combusted... (Volvo has developed seven demonstration model trucks, which run solely on renewable fuels)

* Japan - Isuzu targets 40 pct rise in opg profit by year to March 2011
Tokyo,Japan -AFX/Thomson Financial/Forbes (NY,USA), by umiko nishitani -28 Aug 2007: -- Japan's largest truck maker, Isuzu Motors Ltd, said Tuesday it aims to rack up operating profit of 150 billion yen (USD 1296,3 M) in the year to March 2011, up 40 percent from the 106.98 billion yen earned in the year to March 2007, by focusing on its overseas markets and the production of pick-up trucks... In a bid to reduce costs for developing environment-friendly trucks, Isuzu and Hino Motors, ranked as Japan's second-largest truck maker... Toyota, the world's second-largest automaker, owns 5.9 percent of Isuzu and 50.1 percent of Hino...

* India - Nissan ties up with local company to make small trucks in India
New Delhi,India -The Associated Press/The International Herald Tribune -August 29, 2007: -- Japan's Nissan Motor Co. has tied up with Indian truck and bus maker Ashok Leyland Ltd. to jointly manufacture small trucks and other light commercial vehicles in India, both companies said Wednesday... Nissan and Ashok Leyland have signed three joint venture agreements to make and sell light commercial vehicles in India and also support the Japanese company's worldwide sales through exports from here, said a joint statement from the two companies...

* USA - GM and Isuzu Cozy Up Way Down South
NY,USA - Reuters/Forbes, by Evelyn M. Rusli -29 Aug 2007: -- General Motors may have sold its equity stake in Isuzu Motors last year, but the U.S. truck maker has yet to sever ties with its Japanese peer. On Wednesday, the automakers announced that they have strengthened their strategic alliance in South America to sell trucks in the economically hot region... In a joint statement, the companies said they have signed an agreement that reinforces their existing partnership to sell trucks in Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela. The companies will work together to launch new truck models, including the Isuzu N-series and F-series...



* Kenworth Tops
New JD Power Heavy-Duty Truck Customer Satisfaction Study released: Kenworth best in over-the-road, pickup/delivery and vocational truck segments

CAL,USA -JD, Press Release -22 Aug 2007: -- JD Power study in 12th year surveying owner/operators and small fleets on product and dealer service... Quality of heavy duty trucks overall has increased markedly since 2006... Kenworth tops over-the-road and pickup/delivery segments for 3rd year running. Kenworth did especially well in performance, quality and ownership cost factors... Sterling outperforms others in customer satisfaction. Sterling owners indicate higher level of satisfaction than others w/ dealer facility. 8 of 10 customers report work done right during 1st trip to dealer service. However, cumulative amount of specific problems has risen since 2005. Engine-related problems tops list of issues w/ resulting downtime causing dissatisfaction...

* Kenworth Class 8 customers are being offered a new package combining maintenance and warranty, to safeguard customers
Kirkland,Wash,USA -Truck News (Canada), by Steven Macleod -30 Aug 2007: -- The new Kenworth PremierCare Freedom Package provides Kenworth Class 8 on-highway truck owners with a combined preventive maintenance and extended warranty program... It is the first time Kenworth has combined an extended basic vehicle warranty with a two-to five-year preventive maintenance program... The Freedom Package can be purchased with the Kenworth truck and wrapped into a finance package...

* Mack installs 50,000th remanufactured carrier
Houston,TX,USA -Truck News, by Adam Ledlow -31 Aug 2007: -- For 20 years, Williams Brothers Construction Company in Houston, Texas, has been buying REMACK remanufactured parts for its fleet of 360-plus Mack trucks from Vanguard Truck Center of Houston. So it was little surprise to Eugene “Red” Moore, Williams Brothers’ transportation supervisor, when he learned the company had installed REMACK’s 50,000th remanufactured carrier on one of its trucks...

* Freightliner says independent testing validates Cascadia's aerodynamic superiority
Portland,OR,USA -Truck News (Canada) -30 Aug 2007: -- When Freightliner introduced its new Cascadia Class 8 tractor in May, it said it was confident the new truck boasted best-in-class aerodynamics. Now, it says it has the proof... Freightliner officials say independent testing by the Auto Research Center has proven the Cascadia is more aerodynamic than the International ProStar, Kenworth T660, Peterbilt 386 and Volvo 780. Testing was conducted at Freightliner's own wind tunnel in Portland, a wind tunnel built exclusively for the testing of Class 8 vehicles...

* Chinese trucks being built in Oklahoma
USA -Europe Trucks News (Germany) -30 Aug 2007: -- It was supposed to happen in Texas, but things didn't pan out for Tiger Trucks in the Lone Star State... Oklahoma quickly swooped in and wooed the builder of trucks designed by China's ChangAn... In an era when manufacturing is increasingly ...


Aug 30, 2007

Risking Their Lives * USA - The Plight of Chinese Truck Drivers

The body of Lin Hoi Yeung, 45, a truck driver of Chinese descent, was discovered last month in Chino Hills alongside another body, both killed in an apparent homicide.

Chino Hills,CAL,USA -World Journal, by Qi Ge, translated by Pete Schurmann -Aug 24, 2007: --Yeung’s death has brought more attention to the plight of Chinese truck drivers... In Los Angeles, nearly 10,000 Chinese immigrants are employed as truck drivers, often attracted by the allure of a high paying job. But most stay in the profession only briefly and would rather move on to other jobs like restaurant work because of the hardships of truck driving... The dangers of being a truck driver are very real. One driver says that his good friend had been on an out-of-state delivery when he was overcome by exhaustion... Among the dangers and challenges that drivers face, most agree that loneliness is the most difficult to cope with, particularly on long distance trips that involve more than 10 hours of continuous driving. Some fall to hallucinations that lead to dangerous or fatal collisions... Chinese drivers who go out of state often find themselves the target of local police. Some of these drivers say that no matter the reason – even if it was just a sideway glance at the police, they would be pulled over for searches or interrogations... Truck drivers also suffer from a host of health related illnesses from back pain and stomach illnesses to insomnia. Even some of the young drivers say that their bodies cannot handle the demands of the work, but still they put themselves at risk in order to get the high wages. Some swear the next delivery will be their last, but when next time comes around, they’re right back to work. For many, it’s the only work they know... Many of these drivers spend a week or more on the road for one shipment. Away for such long periods, many drivers say they are unhappy in their relationships. One driver says that his girlfriend often suspects he is carrying on a relationship with another woman. At one point, he says, she hired a private detective to follow him... Most people are unaware of the challenges that go along with this line of work, many truck drivers say. Especially for newly arrived immigrants, they say there are better ways to earn a living...



Groups file last minute injunction to keep Mexican trucks off US soil

Washington,DC,USA -Truck News, (Canada) by James Menzies - 30 Aug 2007: -- With Mexican trucks ready to hit US roads under a controversial pilot project as early as Saturday, several organizations have launched a last ditch attempt to derail the project through an emergency injunction... The Teamsters have teamed up with other special interest groups such as the Sierra Club and Public Citizen to launch the injunction. The Owner-Operators Independent Drivers Association also announced it would be launching an injunction against the project... The groups are hopeful their injunction will be successful, because they contend implementation of the pilot project, which would allow up to 100 Mexican carriers to send trucks into the US, is unlawful. They say laws require the Department of Transportation to: create a program that yields statistically valid findings; show that US trucks have the same right to travel in Mexico that Mexican-domiciled trucks have to operate in the US; and reveal the inspection results for motor carriers allowed to operate beyond the border zone... (Photo by CNN: Trucks entering the United States from Mexico will have to meet stricter safety standards if the bill becomes law)
* Mexican trucks to gain access to US starting this weekend
Grain Valley,MO,USA -Land Line Magazine -30 Aug 2007: -- Mexican trucks will make their first forays into the US heartland beginning this weekend, much to the chagrin of the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA)... OOIDA has been trying to stall a pilot project allowing Mexican trucks to operate well into the US, but the project will proceed Sept. 1...
* Mexican trucks ready to roll
Medford,OR,USA -World Net Daily, by Jerome R. Corsi -August 27, 2007: -- Despite these obvious deficiencies, Mexican government statements published only in Spanish indicate 37 Mexican trucking companies have been certified by the U.S. Department of Transportation to participate in the Mexican demonstration project... Mexican Transportation Secretary Luis Tellez has claimed the 37 Mexican trucking companies will be allowed to run their long-haul rigs on any U.S. road without limitation as early as next week, Sept. 1, before Congress has returned to Washington from the August recess... Yet, the FMCSA plans to utilize SPP-developed FAST lanes relying on electronic checks that will allow Mexican trucks to enter into the United States in as little as 15 seconds, without any physical inspection of their truck trailers or shipment containers...


BE AWARE * USA - Fraudulent Double Brokering

Apex System Provides Early Warning of Possible Instances of

Forth Worth,TX,USA -Ahoy Cargo -28 August 2007: -- Apex Capital, a leading full service factor specialized in the trucking industry, is now providing early warning to its carrier clients of possible instances of fraudulent double brokering of freight, an all-too-frequent occurrence... Double brokering becomes a real problem, however, when fraud is the intent from the beginning... Fraudulent double brokering typically involves an imposter motor carrier who takes a load from a legitimate broker and then re-posts the load on an internet load board at an inflated rate to lure in an unsuspecting legitimate motor carrier to transport the freight. The imposter has no intention of ever paying the legitimate motor carrier. Once they receive an invoice and evidence of completed shipment from the true motor carrier, the imposter submits its own invoice to the first broker, collects payment and disappears...


ADVICE * USA - Do Your Homework Before Buying a Truck

To keep your vehicle maintenance and operation costs down, you need to do some homework before making another call to your truck dealer

Cleveland,OH,USA -Lawn & Landscape Magazine, by Robert Johnson (*) -27 Aug 2007: -- Start by establishing and following a logical design process, as outlined here in four steps. Taking a systematic approach to specifying a new work truck makes it easier to ensure that the truck meets your needs...
Step 1. Determine what you need the truck to do.
Step 2. Thoroughly explore technical details to achieve your vehicle goals.

Step 3. Factor in vehicle operating conditions and environment.

Step 4. Review the maintenance histories of existing vehicles in the fleet.

(*) Robert “Bob” Johnson is the director of fleet relations for the National Truck Equipment Association (NTEA) (Photo by W J Andy: Trips on Truck - Parley Pass, I-80 Utah)



* Pennsylvania Turnpike official says I-80 tolls better than privatization
PA,USA -Land Line Magazine -August 29, 2007: -- Joseph Brimmeier, CEO of the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission, has been touring the state in recent days speaking to media and community groups about a recent proposal to increase turnpike tolls and convert Interstate 80 into a toll road... During budget proceedings in July, the Pennsylvania State Legislature passed Act 44 as part of transportation funding legislation HB1590. The act enables the state to issue bonds to pay for roads, bridges and mass transit and repay the debt through tolls... The funding, Brimmeier said, will allow the state to avoid leasing infrastructure assets to private investors...

* Maine Private toll road proposed in
MN,USA -Land Line Magazine -August 29, 2007: -- A businessman in Maine is pitching the idea of a privately built toll road that would link the state with Quebec on the west and New Brunswick on the east... According to the Bangor Daily News, Peter Vigue, president of Cianbro Corp.a large construction company – also says he has received assurances from a New York bank that private funding would be available... Vigue said the state couldn’t build such a highway because it can’t afford to purchase right-of-way or pay for construction...

* Kentucky bill would authorize tolls for roads, bridges
KY,USA -Land Line Magazine -August 27, 2007: -- A leading state lawmaker in Kentucky wants to give cities and counties authority to issue bonds and create tolls for roads and bridges... Senate President David Williams, R-Burkesville, has prefiled a bill for consideration during the next regular session that would allow local governments to create public infrastructure authorities that could issue bonds for road and bridge work, privatize projects and place tolls on the projects. The agencies also would have control of state and federal highway money for road maintenance and construction projects...

* Massachusetts Considering Tolls, Rush-Hour Fees
MAS,USA - The Boston Herald /Transport Topics -29 Aug 2007: -- Mass., may put tolls on Interstate 93 and toll other state highways during peak travel times... Citing a confidential draft report from a legislative commission, the Herald said that tolls and a short-term hike in state’s gasoline tax were being touted as solutions to the state’s transportation funding shortfall... Longer-term changes could include introduction of new tolls on I-93 and other highways, as well as methods of charging motorists based on the time of day and distance they travel...

* Georgia - Toll lane draft plan is illegal
Atlanta,GA,USA -The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, by ARIEL HART -30 Aug 2007: -- The massive toll lane project along I-75 and I-575 in Cobb and Cherokee counties is under attack from interest groups who notified the state Department of Transportation that they think the current plan to expand the road is illegal and otherwise ill-advised... DOT spokeswoman Karlene Barron called the groups' comments "significant" but not unexpected in the development of such a big and groundbreaking project... Lawyers representing the trucking industry and freight-related companies wrote DOT that they consider the project, as currently contemplated, to be "illegal under both federal and state law"... The quarrel may threaten the state's $4 billion, three-pronged project to combat congestion on interstates in Cobb and Cherokee counties with truck-only lanes, HOV lanes where solo drivers could drive for a fee, and bus rapid transit...



* Germany - MAN's Samuelsson demands progress on truck alliance
BEIJING,China -Reuters, by Claudia Kade -Aug 27, 2007: -- The chief executive of German industrial group MAN on Sunday called for speedy progress in long-running talks about a three-way truckmakers' alliance in Europe, adding he hoped that more clarity could be gained by year-end... Merging MAN with Swedish rival Scania and the commercial vehicles arm of Volkswagen would create Europe's market leader... (Photo: Two M.A.N. 26-410 6x6 wheel drive trucks)

* Germany - Daimler’s Second-Quarter Income Dips
Frankfurt,Germany -Bloomberg -29 Aug 2007: -- DaimlerChrysler’s second-quarter net income fell 14% after the company took losses from its unprofitable Chrysler division, sold earlier this month... Net income fell to about $2.5 billion from about $2.9 billion a year earlier, the company said... The truck division, the world’s largest manufacturer of commercial vehicles, aims to remain profitable even during a downturn, said truck unit chief Andreas Renschler... Daimler is the parent company of U.S. truck maker Freightliner LLC, which makes Freightliner, Sterling and Western Star trucks...

* Germany - DaimlerChrysler plans up to $10 billion share buyback
Frankfurt,Germany -Reuters -August 29, 2007: -- Flush with cash after selling Chrysler, DaimlerChrysler will spend up to 7.5 billion euros ($10.20 billion) to buy back nearly 10 percent of its shares over the next year, the carmaker said today... The move eclipsed second-quarter results that met market expectations and revealed how DaimlerChrysler will return excess funds to shareholders after selling a majority stake in its struggling U.S. arm to buyout group Cerberus Capital Management...

* USA - Volvo Group’s North American deliveries down 60%
Greensboro,NC,USA -Trucks News (Canada) -30 Aug 2007: -- Volvo Group continues to suffer a decline in North American truck deliveries as customers shy away from the more costly 2007 trucks and engines... Volvo Group’s overall North American deliveries are down 60% compared to last year. Mack Truck deliveries are down 62% in North America compared to last year while Volvo deliveries have seen a 64% decline.Volvo Group’s global sales have nearly offset the North American declines, with the company experiencing just a 4% drop in deliveries worldwide...

* India - Nissan In Vehicle Venture With Ashok Leyland
New Delhi,India -Forbes (USA), by Ruth David -30 Aug 2007: -- Ashok Leyland and Japanese auto giant Nissan have announced a tie-up to make pickup trucks and other light commercial vehicles in India and are looking at partnerships in sales and distribution... Tata Motors dominates the commercial vehicle arena overall. Ashok Leyland has a 30% market share of the medium and heavy vehicle segments. But it has only 2% of the light commercial vehicle market because of a lack of competitive products, analysts say... Nissan already has a joint venture with tractor maker Mahindra and Mahindra and Renault in the Indian market, where it produces its no-frills Logan sedan. The three companies are setting up a production plant in the southern Indian city of Madras, with the capacity to manufacture about 400,000 vehicles...



* Chassis on parade
USA -Fleet Owner -Aug 28, 2007: -- The newest commercial truck chassis from 10 manufacturers will be on display at the New Model Truck Product Conference being sponsored by the National Truck Equipment Assoc. (NTEA) on Sept. 17 to 19 at the Hyatt Regency Dearborn... The product preview is intended to give body builders and others a first-hand look at changes in upcoming truck models. This year, manufacturers are also expected to discuss exhaust configurations related to the Environmental Protection Agency’s 2007 diesel emissions requirements... Participating truck makers will include Dodge, Ford Commercial Truck, GM Fleet and Commercial, Isuzu Commercial Truck America, Sterling Truck, Freightliner Trucks, International Trucks, Mitsubishi Fuso Truck of America, Toyota Motor Sales USA and Hino Trucks...

* ACE conferences coming to Atlanta, West Coast
USA -Fleet Owner -Aug 27, 2007: -- Fleets and others involved in cross-border freight movement can get the latest information on the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) system at two conferences being held by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CPB)... Topics covered will include compliance with new regulations mandating the use of ACE, as well as demonstrations of new functionality for the system, according to CBP... The first will be held on Oct. 15 to 17 in Atlanta, and the second in November on the West Coast at a place and date yet to be determined. Registration ( is free but required for every attendee...


DRIVERS' SHORTAGE * USA - Making the connection with drivers

During the first quarter this year, driver turnover for large truckload carriers increased to 127% – the highest turnover rate since the end of 2005

USA -Fleet Owner, by Sean Kilcarr -Aug 27, 2007: -- The numbers are still getting worse when it comes to the truck driver shortage... That means truckload carriers ended the quarter with 1.8% fewer drivers than it had at the start, according to the American Trucking Assns. (ATA)... That’s why, more than ever, many fleets believe they must forge tighter personal bonds with drivers, going well beyond simply offering them bigger paychecks... Ultimately, said Jim Jeter, gm of trucking operations at Houston-based Empire Truck Lines, the driver is the one generating the money that pays for everyone’s salary at the trucking company – and that’s something Empire never lets its staff forget... “It’s all about relationships now,” he said. “If we take care of that driver, make sure they are getting the miles and home time they need, making sure they are well-respected, then we’ll be able to grow our business. In our view, it’s all about supporting the people that write our checks"... (Photo: Well this really it's a driver's logistic ideas manager...!!!)



* Canada - Kenworth tri-drives help loggers extend hauling season
Prince George,BC,Canada -Truck News -30 Aug 2007: -- A B.C. log hauling fleet has extended the hauling season by three weeks by spec’ing tri-drives... “If we didn’t have Kenworth trucks with the right spec’s, we just couldn’t do the job, our trucks would come back broken all the time,” said Steve Vohar, general manager with Pineview. “There are a lot of guys who try and spec’ lighter trucks so that they can haul more logs, but they end up broken down on the side of the road. Dunkley Lumber pays us to keep their mill supplied with logs, not to be sitting on the side of the road"... (Picture: Pineview's Kenworth tri-drives allow the company to extend the log hauling season in B.C.)

* USA - YRC to Begin Labor Talks - Negotiations With Teamsters Could Start in Early September
VA,USA -Transport Topics -29 Aug 2007: -- YRC Worldwide said its subsidiaries will begin contract discussions with the Teamsters union for a new national master freight agreement as soon as early next month. The current contract expires April 1, YRC said late Tuesday...

* Canada - Local trucking company unveils new generation smog-free truck

Oshawa,Durham,Canada, by Izabela Jaroszynski -Aug 27, 2007: -- After nearly 75 years in the business, a local trucking company is taking up the call for greater environmental responsibility... Mackie Moving Systems, an Oshawa-based company, is incorporating eight new smog-free trucks into its growing fleet. The trucks, which hit the market earlier this year, meet tough new government standards that will virtually eliminate smog-causing emissions from trucks between now and 2010... The new 2007 model trucks are equipped with a device known as a particulate trap, which filters out microscopic particulate matter known to be harmful to human health...

* USA - Evans opens Chesapeake terminal
Chesapeake,VA,USA -Fleet Owner - Aug 29, 2007: -- The Evans Network of Companies announced it has opened a trucking terminal inside the Cavalier Industrial Park... The Evans Network of Companies is a logistics partner with strategically located terminals across the country. The network, which provides transportation services in the intermodal, truckload and flatbed markets, encompasses six divisions: West Motor Freight, All Points Transport Corp., Hale Intermodal Trucking, Century Express, Evans Delivery Company and DM Transport Management Services...
* USA - Landstar to buy back another 2M shares
Jacksonville,FL,USA -The Jacksonville -August 27, 2007: -- Landstar System Inc. is extending its plan to buy back company stock. The company's board of directors has authorized the repurchase of up to two million shares of stock in the open market and through privately negotiated transactions... Landstar System Inc., is a non-asset-based transportation and logistics provider with a network of more than 1,000 sales agents, 8,000 business-capacity owners and 23,000 contract carriers and warehouse-capacity owners...
* Canada - Kriska acquires Muirs International
Prescott,Ont,CAN-Truck News -27 Aug 2007: -- Kriska Holdings has announced it has reached a deal to assume the international cross-border truckload activities of Muirs International... The deal will be effective Sept. 9, 2007...



* Roadway's Alphonso Lewis is 2007 National Truck Driving Champion
Minneapolis,MIN,USA -PRNewswire/ -26 Aug 2007 -- Alphonso "Al" Lewis, a Roadway professional truck driver based in Montgomery, Ala. was named the 2007 National Truck Driving Grand Champion... Lewis' driving skills and knowledge of transportation and truck safety information topped those of 377 other drivers from all across the United States in the National Truck Driving Championships, held in Minneapolis, Minn. In route to his title, Lewis has logged 21 accident and injury free years as a driver. Lewis is the first African-American winner in the 70-year history of the Championships... The 70th annual "Super Bowl of Safety" is sponsored by the American Trucking Associations...

* ABF Drivers Hazlett and Harris Earn Honors at the 2007 National Truck Driving Championships
Forth Smith,AR,USA -PRNewswire-FirstCall -Aug 27, 2007: -- ABF Freight System, Inc. drivers John Hazlett and Kevin Scott Harris were named National Champions during the 2007 National Truck Driving Championships conducted August 21-25 in Minneapolis... Sponsored by the American Trucking Associations (ATA), the national competition highlights the driving skills, industry knowledge and work ethic of professional truck drivers, along with their contribution to the safety of America's highways.

* SmartDrive lauds safety winners
USA -Fleet Owner -Aug 29, 2007: -- SmartDrive Systems and the radio show "Fleet Radio by SmartDrive" have announced the two winners (one for the U.S., one for Europe) of their Safety-Risk Manager of the Year for 2007. In the United States, the award goes to Sam Dunbar, director of safety for Con-way Freight, and in Europe, the honoree award is Jon York, fleet operations manager for British Gas (UK), a subsidiary of Centrica Corp....


* USA - Labor Day Crackdown Underway

The word is out!! - If you drive drunk this Labor Day holiday you will be caught and arrested

USA -MADD E-newsletter -27 August 2007: -- As Labor Day approaches and millions of Americans hit the roads for one last summer vacation, Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA) and the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) have launched a tough law enforcement crackdown on drunk driving. This nationwide enforcement campaign, Drunk Driving. Over the Limit. Under Arrest. launched on Aug. 17 and runs through Sept. 3...


Aug 27, 2007

Truck Tonnage * USA - July Falls 3.7%

VA,USA -TTNews Express -27 Aug 2007: -- American Trucking Associations’ July for-hire truck tonnage index fell 3.7% from the same month a year ago but saw the first month-to-month increase since March... The downturn followed June’s 3.4% year-over-year decline. Year to date, the tonnage index is 2.6% below last year, ATA said... The index’s reading of 110.9 was the highest since April. The not seasonally adjusted index fell 2.7% from June, to 111... Photo: Well... sure this is not an american truck !!! ... (Image credit: Dasar)



* Japan - Hino, Isuzu to Expand Partnership - Companies Will Build Cabs, Develop Technology
Tokyo,Japan -Bloomberg/Transport Topics -27 Aug 2007: -- Hino Motors and Isuzu Motors agreed have to develop cabs for heavy-duty trucks and research technology to trap emissions, expanding the two companies’ partnership... Tokyo-based Hino and Isuzu, both affiliates of Toyota Motor Corp., issued separate statements via the Tokyo Stock Exchange about the deal...


DEBATES * USA - Trucking Industry, Truck Parking and Hours of Service Debates

Truckers drive for long hours and fall asleep or have preventable accidents

USA -blogging-jeyy84782.blogspot, by L. Winslow (*) -26 Aug 2007: -- Many folks are concerned that truck drivers spend too many hours straight driving across the country and that in doing so jeopardize the public safety on our Nation's highways. Indeed there have been some accidents however much of the concern is completely overblown... The United States Navy has done lots of tests on sleep deprivation, concentration levels and mistakes from fatigue and the studies show that there are issues and they are real. Still we note at the T-5 Group (The Trucking Think Tank Team) that much of this Hours of Service debate is mass media incited hysteria wagging the dog... One medical doctor, Dr. Nathalie Fiset understands the reality of the problem and there for asks the tough question from a reality perspective and purely medical. A major question is security: truckers drive for long hours and fall asleep or have preventable accidents... How can this be avoided in the future trucking? -Re: Falling Asleep at the wheel - There are devices available, which sense the driver's head nodding off that are now coming onto the market. And the T-5 Group believes if these units can be incorporated into the truck itself or the seat belt system and at a relatively inexpensive price point then the chances of their widespread use will be good... Other new rulings and regulations seem to address these real problems from a different tactic and that is that the regulators want to do away with paper log books and go all digital, using transponders and electronic updated computer systems to track the trucks. Therefore preventing Long-Haul Truckers using dual log book strategies to by-pass the rules... (* L. Winslow is a Transportation and Economic Advisor to the Online Think Tank, a Futurist and retired entrepreneur) (Photo Galley by Static Bob - "Roll on one")


Driver Shortage * Canada - Escalating CTHRC research concludes

New studies conducted on behalf of the Canadian Trucking Human Resources Council (CTHRC) have identified an escalating shortage of qualified commercial truck drivers across Canada

Ottawa,Ont,CAN -Transportation & Logistics Canada, by Adam Ledlow -26 Aug 2007: -- ... Canadian fleets lose 22.1% of their drivers per year, according to Canada's Driving Force Phase 2, the follow-up to research conducted in 2002. That compares to an average driver turnover rate of 36% recorded at the time of the initial study. Even after the employers recruit new personnel, however, about 12% of the industry's job openings remain vacant representing an immediate need for 12,000 additional Class 1/A drivers, CTHRC officials say... Almost half of the fleets admitted during surveys in 2006 that a lack of personnel forced them to idle equipment in the previous six months; 60% cited the driver shortage as one of the top two concerns facing their organizations... "There is no a magic bullet to solve every HR challenge, but this is the industry intelligence that fleets can use in their recruiting, training and retention strategies," says Linda Gauthier, CTHRC executive director.. (Photo Gallery: Static Bob - "Super 18")


No horsing around * Australia - Equine flu stops horse transport

A total ban on the movement of horses is in place across Queensland in the wake of the equine influenza outbreak in NSW

Queensland,NSW,Australia -Australasian Transport News -27 August 2007: -- ... This ban applies to all horses, including: those used for pony clubs, leisure riding, equestrian events, camp drafting, droving, racing and trotting horses and animals used in displays or zoos (including zebras)... Owners must not move their horse from their current paddock or stall, without a permit issued by a DPI&F inspector... Queensland Police Service, Queensland Transport and DPI&F biosecurity inspectors will enforce the movement ban with mobile patrols and interceptions... Queensland’s Chief Veterinary Officer Dr Ron Glanville says all vehicles that have been used recently for moving horses must be disinfected and that personal hygiene measures are also needed to prevent horse handlers from spreading the disease from one horse to another...


* Australia - Skills shortages are here to stay

New research launched today by McCrindle Research shows the skills shortages and the associated workplace expectations of Generation Y are here to stay

Melbourne,Australia -Australasian Transport News -21 August 2007: -- ... Many employers assume that the skills shortages come from 16 straight years of economic growth and the resulting increased demand for staff, says the report... However research shows chronic staff shortages are produced not just by the economic times but also by the demographic times, including an ageing population and the relative decline in the number of young people.... McCrindle says that Australia's working age population is in decline as a proportion of the total population, and for every person of retirement age (65 or over) there are currently 5 people in the working age population (aged 15-64)... However in 4 decades McCrindle says that for every person in retirement age there will be just 2.4 people of working age... See more about drivers' shortage in Australia on:


Wall of Fame * Australia - Trucking elite honoured as drivers inducted onto

The Shell Rimula Wall of Fame saw 54 new members inducted on Saturday, in a celebration of a lifetime of service to the trucking industry

Alice Springs,Australia -Australasian Transport News -27 August 2007: -- From the chief executives of national transport carriers to truckies from across Australia, over 550 people descended on National Road Transport Hall of Fame in Alice Springs on the weekend for a three-day celebration of the nation’s road transport industry stalwarts... The annual Shell Rimula Gala Dinner was held on Saturday night at the National Road Transport Hall of Fame... Some inductee highlights included:
* Betty Morgan, who got her truck licence in 1968, was one of the first female truck drivers in the industry and still holds a semi-trailer licence.
* Jim Warden, aged 78, who has been involved in the industry since the early 1950s.
* Stuart McColl, who will turn 90 this year, started his business with just one truck and now owns over 300.



* Australia- Logistics Bureau acquires market leader Dawson Consulting
Sydney,Australia-Australasian Transport News -27 August 2007: -- Specialist logistics and supply chain consultancy Logistics Bureau has acquired Dawson Consulting, Australia's largest full-service supply chain management consultancy... Established in 1997, the Logistics Bureau provides a full range of supply chain and logistics consulting services from offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Singapore and Bangkok. Dawson Consulting, founded in 1990 by Mark Dawson, consults on both strategic and operational issues from offices throughout Australia and New Zealand... (Image Credit: Moobol, by Stephen Frost)


ELECTRONIC LOGS DEBATE * USA - Trucker logbooks doubted

Most truckers play by the rules

Milwaukee,Wis,USA -The Akron Beacon Journal (Akron,OH) -Aug 26, 2007: -- ... Mile for mile, they have fewer accidents than drivers of cars... But every day, a significant percentage of commercial truck drivers disregard the rules that are supposed to limit how long they work. Every month, surveys have indicated, one in eight long-haul truckers dozes at the wheel. Every year, hundreds of people die in crashes involving tired truck drivers... The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration should scrap the paper logbooks in which truckers record their hours of work and rest... ''It's kind of ludicrous that we're still using paper logs,'' said Kristen A. Monaco, an economist at California State University-Long Beach, who has studied the trucking industry. ''The paper logbooks are just way too easy to fudge"... Instead, the critics say, the safety administration should order the use of an electronic system that the agency itself estimates would cut violations of hours rules in half... The safety administration probably won't issue final regulations on electronic logs for months, if not longer. Those rules are unlikely to end the debate, which could intensify as the ranks of the 1.7 million truckers on the highways grow by 200,000 to 300,000 by 2014... (Photo by Holly Hillsurfer - "Stevens Transport at Night")