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May 23, 2007


* USA - U-Haul Renting Tips: "That truck is a real clunker"

Savannah,GA,USA -successCREEations, by Chris -May 22, 2007: -- We made it back to Savannah. But along the way it was far from a sure thing... We rented a little truck like the one here in the photo (LEFT). Only ours wasn’t as nice... To quote what the technician who checked us back in at the U-Haul store here in Savannah told his Assistant Manager,"That truck is a real clunker"... Yep. That’s me and Gorgeous. We live on the edge... We’re just the type to rent a clunker to drive a bunch of prized possessions 1300 miles or so across country... We specifically requested a newer vehicle when we reserved our truck weeks in advance because we were driving so far. Then we took the clunker they offered because I didn’t want to take the time to argue about it...

* USA - I Love Penske Trucks
Cleveland,OH,USA -pomomusings, by Adam Walker -22 May 2007: -- While I was enjoying my Penske truck, I did feel sorry for all those U-Haul renters on the road, with their old-looking, U-Haul trucks that would probably break down somewhere... We drove from Atlanta to Hagerstown, Maryland today. I’ll admit it - I was just a little terrified getting on I-85 today in Atlanta with the 22 ft. Penske truck... We ended up filling the whole truck; so there I was, a newbie “trucker” with all of our worldly possessions in the back. The first time two semis passed me on both sides, I about screamed. But…it got better. Soon I realized I could go faster than 55mph…faster than 65mph…but no faster than 70mph. It probably wouldn’t have been good to go faster than 70mph, but the truck really wouldn’t go any faster than that. I started to get into my groove with the truck, and after a few hours, felt pretty comfortable in it...



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