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May 23, 2007

Truck inspection * USA - Detect many dangerous vehicles

The 48-hours commercial truck inspection program on Highway 6 wraps up early this morning

Dillon,CO,USA - The Summit Daily News (Frisco,CO), by NICOLE FORMOSA -22 May 2007: -- During the past two days, Dillon police officers and state port of entry inspectors have seen commercial trucks roll through Dillon with problems ranging from barely-hitched trailers to duct-taped brake lines... Truck inspections by the numbers -Source: Dillon Police Chief John Mackey-: 542 commercial trucks passed through the inspection area between Monday at 6 a.m. and Tuesday afternoon. Of those:

• 272 trucks were weighed;

422 violations were documented;

• 41 full inspections were performed;

• and 72 citations were handed out. Almost all the citations were for equipment violations ... (Photo by Mark Fox/The Summit Daily - Trucks line the shoulder of Highway 6 near Dillon as they wait to be weighed and inspected Tuesday morning. Inspections were conducted by the Dillon Police Department, Colorado State Patrol and the Port of Entry, and found a range of violations, including a truck's brakes being held together by Duct tape)



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