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Dec 6, 2006

DRIVERS' SHORTAGE * USA - Trucking's new crew

The trucking industry faces a shortage of 20,000 drivers that's expected to hit 111,000 by 2014

St. Paul,MN,USA -Pioneer Press, by BOB SHAW -4 Dec 2006: -- ... so it is seeking a new generation of truckers — married couples at or nearing retirement age. These new drivers say they love the freedom of the road, as long as they can share it... The Krays have discovered the secret to a happy marriage: a 2006 465-horsepower Volvo diesel truck cab... Trucking is a vocational and marital retread for the Krays, a new life the great-grandparents love to share... They are the vanguard of a new generation of truck drivers — which is actually an older generation... Faced with a shortage of drivers, the trucking industry is recruiting from the graying ranks of AARP, especially married couples..."We are not the last American cowboys. We are just out there doing a job," Anita Kray said... She climbed into the cab as if ascending a stepladder. She likes the regular schedule, which allows them to return home every two days... "We can take baths at home. We can maintain a life," she said, just before the truck slipped into the morning traffic on Interstate 694... (Photo by JOE ODEN/Pioneer Press - Anita and Jim Kray are independent truck drivers who deliver freight for FedEx)


Blogger George Oliver said...

I am trying to find a trucking company to sponser me for work in the USA. I spent 6 months trucking in Canada wich i also drove all states in the US. I am now back in the UK but want to live and work in the USA as a trucker. I have been trucking for 22 years in the UK Europe Canada and the USA. I am willing to pay for my trucking test in the US and willing to come over for a interveiw. I am ex Royal AIR force and have clean police cheaks and good in good health.

10:46 AM  

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