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Mar 30, 2006

TechnoNews - USA - Hy-Drive's new Hydrogen Generating System

Trucking professionals begin adopting (HGS) system to help manage soaring fuel costs while reducing emissions

MISSISSAUGA,ON,Canada -Canada NewsWire (press release) -March 29, 2006: -- Hy-Drive Technologies Ltd. ("Hy-Drive") today announced that its participation in the Mid America
Trucking Show...
The company showcased its new G2 hydrogen generating system (HGS) in the show representing more than 75,000 trucking professionals from all 50 states and 43 international countries... Hy-Drive's G2 system works by injecting small amounts of hydrogen gas into the combustion chamber of a regular internal combustion engine. This creates an enriched air mixture and a more complete and faster burn which results in reduced emissions, improved fuel efficiency and more engine torque...


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