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Mar 25, 2006

Plenty of Texans are anxiously awaiting corridor impact draft

Austin,TX,USA San Antonio Express News(S.A.,TX,USA - subscription) -23 Mar 2006: -- Doug Booher may be one of the Texas Department of Transportation's (TxDOT) most closely watched employees these days because a document he's preparing — that TxDOT said would be released last January — is still under wraps, and he says that it will remain that way for at least "the next few weeks."... The environmental manager of TxDOT's Turnpike Authority Division, Booher says that a draft of the environmental impact study of TTC-35, the first leg of the massive Trans Texas Corridor, is still a work in progress... But he understands why so many Texans are so interested in it, since what it will reveal could profoundly affect so many of them... After multiple public hearings are held, a final environmental impact statement will be prepared, specifying a route, and submitted for federal approval...


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